RQ 2024 Colosseum – Italy Sangiovese Cabernet

Explore this wine in February 2024!! Arrived!

Explore the firm tannins and intricately balanced depth of red fruit flavours to tantalize the palate with its dramatic intensity.

Tasting Notes: This medium to full bodied wine has plum, blackcurrant, spice, and a slight licorice note on the nose that carry through to the palate. Masterfully accompanied by firm tannins from the oak.

Food Pairings: A delightful companion to wood-oven Pizza Margherita, Bistecca all Fiorentina or Penne Ragu all Bolognese.

Kit Features: 14 Liters, LALVIN RC212 yeast, Dried Grape Skins, American and French Oak, 30 labels and shrink tops.

Oak: Medium | Body: Medium | Sweetness: Dry


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RQ 2024 Trevi Fountain – Italy Trebbiano Chardonnay


Explore this wine in January 2024!! Arrived!

Delivers crisp citrus flavours that are meticulously complemented by floral notes to create a luscious and stunning treasure.

Tasting Notes: A crisp medium-bodied refined wine showing citrus, lemon and apple notes with a slight savoury character. Some floral/herbal notes.

Food Pairings: A stunning compliment to Italian cuisine including Portobello Bruschetta, Linguine all Vongole and Roasted Chicken Risotto.

Features: 14L kit, LALVIN Bourgovin DV10 yeast, 30 labels and shrink caps

Oak: None | Body: Medium | Sweetness: Dry

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Luscious Lychee Martini – Limited Spring Release


Exciting notes of slightly sweet and exotic Lychees mixed with a splash of Green Tea to deliver a tropical and refreshingly crisp white wine perfectly timed for Spring’s cocktail season.

Indulge in Orchard Breezin’ Luscious Lychee Martini, a lightly floral sipper best served ice cold or mixed to make crazy delicious cocktail concoctions!

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