France Cabernet Sauvignon – RQ 2017


Available December 2016

Born of “accidental” breeding in 17th century France, L’âge de l’ Élégance has inherited its flawless balance of subtlety and daring from its wildly rich parentage.

Complex and concentrated with spice notes, red fruit and vanilla on the nose. This is a rich, full bodied wine with structured tannins and a long finish.

M | F | D (medium oak, full bodied, dry)

Food Pairings: Braised Lamb, Short Ribs, Aged Gouda, Chocolate Cake

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France Chardonnay – RQ 2017

2016-25_rq2017_grace1Available January 2017

Centuries old, cultivated by French monks, and named for the village of Chardonnay, L’âge de la Grâce is a wine that is both simple and regal.

Densely textured with a steely minerality and creamy mouthfeel. This is an unoaked Chardonnay with notes of citrus, honey and melon on the palate, finishing with crisp green apples.

U | M | D (unoaked, medium bodied, dry)

Food Pairings: Chicken in Cream Sauce, Pasta Primavera, Brie, Charcuterie

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France Merlot – RQ 2017

2016-25_rq2017_luxe1Available February 2017

Named after the French bird Merlau, this late 17th century wine is the epitome of L’âge du Luxe, known for being luxuriously ripe and soft.

Ruby red colour with aromas of juicy blueberries and cherries on the nose. This luxurious wine features ripe cherries, blueberries, a touch of spice, and soft tannins on the palate.

M | M | D (medium oak, medium bodied, dry)

Food Pairings: Roast Pork, Herbed Chicken, Mushroom Tart, Camembert

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France Sauvignon Blanc – RQ 2017

2016-25_rq2017_valour1Available March 2017

Named from the French word “sauvage”, meaning “wild”, this valiant vine once grew wild in France. L’âge de la Vaillance is refreshingly crisp and dry.

Pale lemon colour with pronounced aromas of grapefruit, grass and gooseberries. This classic wine is dry yet invigorating, with flavours of citrus and grassy notes on the palate.

U | L | D (unoaked, light bodied, dry)

Food Pairings: Grilled Fish or Seafood, Risotto, Vichyssoise, Goat cheese

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Cranapple Celebration – Seasonal Release

cranappleThis low alcohol white wine features tart green apples balanced out by smooth white cranberries to create an easy drinking wine with a crisp, refreshing finish.


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Paddock Wood Brew Kits

paddockFrom the first time brewer to the veteran brewmaster, Paddock Wood has what you need to brew your own beer.

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