About Us

The Winning Wines Plus has long been a staple in the Edmonton, St. Albert and Sherwood Park small-business communities, with over thirty five years of experience in the homebrew industry. While starting small, they’ve grown their company into a successful specialty retailer, selling the best possible wine, beer, or cider making products, at very affordable prices. We also offer Ferment On Premise Services at our Sherwood Park and St. Albert locations, allowing you to craft your very own beautiful wine products for a fraction of the commercial costs. Utilizing the Winning Wines Plus equipment and modern bottling areas you’ll be amazed at the simplicity.

One of the biggest changes in the home-winemaking and home-brewing fields since the first Winning Wines Plus (Brew Crew) opened its doors in 1985, is in the overall increase in quality of premium wine and beer making products.

In the not too distant past, the only way to make a decent wine at home was to stem and crush fresh, volatile grapes, all from scratch, which was far beyond the reach of the average hobbyist. And even then, the results were often far from pleasing. During the past two decades, the quality of the products available to the average home-winemaker has increased dramatically, allowing an amateur to produce high quality wines, with a delicate bouquet and rich, full body, all without resorting to the mess and trouble of dealing with the unpredictable quality of fresh grapes. Winemaking has become something that can be done by almost anyone willing to follow a short list of simple directions.

Crafting beer and home-brewing has evolved as well. From twenty years ago when a home brewer could maybe select a beer tin with extract to now having many different variations and selections. We have Ready Brew, and Festa Brew 23L beer kits, Muntons, Morgan’s and Coopers beer extract kits and Mangrove Jack beer pouches. Also, the brew from scratch or all grain brewing scene has taken off with many of our customers taking beer making to another level using all grains and following recipes on apps or creating their own. Many home brewers from our stores have turned pro and work in craft breweries or opened up their own. We have a vast selection of ingredients for beer recipes including Dry Yeasts (Coopers, Lallemand, Mangrove Jack, Fermentis), Liquid Yeasts (Escarpment, Wyeast), Pelletized Hops, Cryo Hops, and many more ingredients.

The Winning Wines Plus continues to grow, thriving in an industry that sees more and more people wanting to produce premium, quality home-brews, valuing customer service and support, and appreciating the friendly advice of knowledgeable staff.